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During that lunch he told the district attorney about McIver’s offer of a bonus. The jury is back after a brief break. Dickerson is still being questioned by Rucker. Rucker asks Dickerson if he believed McIver was joking when he mentioned a bonus for Dickerson — that he could share with the district attorney — if the criminal charges were reduced or dropped. Dickerson said that after meeting with McIver he texted Paul Howard saying he wanted to talk with him about “a new client.” After learning the client was McIver, Howard didn’t text back.  “I think that says a lot,” Dickerson said he told McIver. “We’re not going to get Mr. Howard to engage on that effort. It’s not going to happen.” Jeff Dickerson, a prominent Atlanta communications consultant, has taken the stand. Dickerson was a longtime panelist on the public affairs television show “The Georgia Gang” and once worked as an editorial writer for The Atlanta Journal-Constitution.

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