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Rep. Steve Southerland in the old CD 2. “All of us vividly remember the disappointments of 2010 and 2014. Republican waves rolled across the nation, giving Rick Scott just enough momentum to eke out narrow wins in his races for Florida Governor. But 2018 is different,” they wrote. “In 2014, Gwen was one of only two Democratic challengers in the United States to defeat Republican incumbent members of the United States House of Representatives. She won a challenging North Florida district that also voted for Rick Scott. In fact, Gwen’s margin was 7 points greater than Obama in 2012 and 5 points better than Crist in 2014.” — Wayne Hogan, a Jacksonville personal injury attorney who was on the legal “dream team” that sued Big Tobacco in the 1990s, ending in an historic $17 billion settlement for Florida. — Howard Coker, another Jacksonville trial lawyer and frequent member of the “Top 100 Florida Super Lawyers.” — Mike Maher, a medical malpractice specialist in Orlando, former President of the Association of Trial Lawyers of America, and another member of the Big Tobacco lawsuit “dream team.” — John Romano, a Palm Beach County personal injury and product liability attorney. — Bob Kerrigan, a Pensacola personal injury attorney who also was on the tobacco case “dream team” and advised members of the state Senate during the 2000 presidential election lawsuit. — Curry Pajcic, a former prosecutor and now plaintiffs’ attorney in Jacksonville who was a finalist for U.S. Attorney, Middle District of Florida.

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