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Attorneys for 3 Twin Peaks defendants seek withheld evidence WACO, Texas (KWTX) Lawyers who represent three Twin Peaks defendants filed motions Tuesday that seek evidence in the case they say the district attorney is improperly withholding from them. Lawyers for William Aikin, Billy Jason McRee and Jorge Daniel Salinas filed the motions Tuesday, Aikin and Salinas in the 19th District Court, McRee in the 54th District Court that ask the judges involved to compel District Attorney Abel Reyna to turn over evidence they say he is withholding which could aid them in preparing their defense cases. In his motion David Conrad Beyer, a Fort Worth attorney who represents McRee wrote: “A defendant has a constitutional right to introduce evidence supporting his theory of defense before a jury,” which, Beyer claims, is dependent upon the defense getting complete discovery from the state. All three motions refer to issues that surfaced a few weeks ago, and again last week during a motion hearing before a visiting judge who refused to allow the defense to call witnesses on the issue and abruptly ended the hearing. Dallas lawyer Clinton F. Broden holds that Reyna has improperly decided which Twin Peaks cases should go first and in what order and that Reyna made that decision based on political opportunism. Reyna flatly denies that charge, but the motions filed Tuesday would generate new hearings, each surrounding around the same issue, and each supporting Broden’s effort to have Reyna recused from all 157 Twin Peaks prosecutions. No hearing dates have yet been set and it is not clear if 54th District Judge Matt Johnson will recuse himself from these case as he has on some in the past.

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