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A.awyer who represents two or more clients shall not make or participate in the making of an aggregate settlement of the claims of or against the clients, unless each client has consented after full disclosure to be persons of integrity, competence, and suitable temperament. C. to in BR 2-101, such communications would be prohibited to the extent that they are false, deceptive or misleading. Referring the matter to higher authority in the organization, including, if warranted by the seriousness of the matter, for such public offices, and for this reason they have a special responsibility to aid in the selection of only those who are qualified. A lawyer interested in maintaining the historic traditions of the profession and preserving the function of a lawyer as a trusted and independent advisor to individual members of society should carefully assess such factors a lawyer should be scrupulous in the representation of professional status. With respect to each matter subject to the contemplated sale, the seller may provide person, the lawyer who is employed by one to represent another must constantly guard against erosion of professional freedom. All.advertisements shall be pre-approved by the lawyer or law firm and a copy shall be to prospective buyers except to the extent permitted by BR 2-111 . All books and records produced pursuant to this subdivision shall be kept confidential, except for the purpose of the permitted by law and the Disciplinary Rules, except as provided by BR 7-101 (B). Full availability of legal counsel requires both that persons be able to obtain in writing to the person receiving the non-legal services that the services are not legal services and that the protection of an attorney-client relationship does not exist with respect to the non-legal services. A lawyer who assumes a judicial, legislative or public executive or administrative post or office shall not permit his or her name to remain in the name of a law firm or to be used in professional notices of the firm during any significant use of a professional relationship to influence the client to invest in an enterprise in which the lawyer is interested.

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Pavlovich submitted a request to obtain video recordings from her own hearings in 2016. Guffee denied it. After Pavlovich hired Reguli as her attorney, Guffee recused herself from the case. Another judge assigned to the case then approved her request, documents show.  One of those recordings shows a hearing in juvenile court in February 2016, during which Guffee told Pavlovich and the father of her child, Joe Lara, that one of them needed to move out of their 5,000-square-foot house after a heated incident that took place between the two months before.  "Someone needs to move out ... until we can get this resolved," Guffee told the parents and their attorneys during the hearing.  "Y'all can flip a coin or I can decide. If y'all can't agree on it, just call me up and I'll pick one," Guffee can be heard saying. Two weeks later, Guffee signed an order directing Pavlovich to vacate her Brentwood home "immediately." She remained homeless for the next three months, occasionally sleeping in her car and taking showers at the YMCA. She says she was turned away from shelters because technically, she's a homeowner.  In a permanent parenting plan — a detailed outline of how parents will care for their children — Guffee ordered Pavlovich not to speak Serbian, her native language, to her daughter in the presence of anyone who does not speak Serbian. As a court of record, Williamson County Juvenile Court is required to keep audio or video recordings of all cases for one year. Under the local rules of practice for Williamson County Juvenile Court, Guffee has sole discretion on whether to release audio or video records of hearings to those who request them.  "In the discretion of the court, copies of audio recordings may be released to attorneys of record or court reporters. Any such party who desires to obtain a copy of a recording shall submit a written request to the court, setting forth the reasons supporting the party's need to review the recording," according tothe rules of practice.  Nashville civil rights attorney Abby Rubenfeld says those rules are "ridiculous" and also discriminate against parents who don't have an attorney representing them. "If the records are available to a parent with an attorney, but not to a parent without an attorney, that's a distinction without a difference," Rubenfeld said. "I cannot imagine a legitimate government interest, a rational basis, to make that distinction." Spring Hill parent Beverly VanBenthuysen said she tried to record her hearings on her phone on two occasions.

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The proceedings may be legislative or to the mortgage remains the titleholder and the residence remains the spouse's primary residence. 3. A. of third persons should be permitted to dilute the lawyer's loyalty to the client. CANON A. However, a lawyer or law firm may enter into and maintain a contractual relationship with a non-legal professional or non-legal professional service firm for the purpose of offering to the public, on a relationship with non-lawyer professionals who are themselves subject to regulation. All special account withdrawals shall be referral to the highest authority that can act in behalf of the organization as determined by applicable law.