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Google's office in Paris could be forced to pay a fine for every day that Google headquarters in California ignored his court order. That is, the child could be punished for the sins of the corporate parent. SHEFET: Suddenly, we in Europe have a remedy - efficient remedy, real remedy. SHAHANI: Google finally scrubbed Shefet's results. And since that victory, his inbox has been flooded with cries for help, including from the U.S. - a state assemblyman in New York who wants advice on a bill to bring similar privacy rights to New Yorkers; consumer groups want expert testimony; individuals want help. SHEFET: Why do American citizens call me in Europe to get their life back? Why? Isn't that strange. SHAHANI: NPR reached out to Google, and they gave us their top privacy lawyer - Peter Fleischer, the man they put in Paris to counter the movement Shefet has helped build.

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